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Microgrid Control Systems

Expert System Design Capable of Seamless Islanding for Reliable, Economical Power Delivery Solutions


SEL's microgrid control systems are efficient, reliable, and secure solutions for guaranteeing uninterrupted energy delivery to your facility and customers. They control and protect both renewable and conventional generation. SEL systems allow you to operate independently, ensuring a constant supply of energy after the loss of the utility point of common coupling (PCC). SEL's microgrid control systems also let you manage energy storage to maximize renewable generation and reduce peak charges.

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Stable and Reliable System Operation

  • All control systems are validated with real-time electromagnetic transients program (EMTP) simulation.
  • Subcycle control using a fast, deterministic microgrid controller reliably integrates renewable generation and battery storage.

Eliminate System Blackouts

  • Quickly detect grid disturbances and open PCC with the utility.
  • Ensure uninterrupted power to mission-critical loads.

Safe Operation

  • Advanced protective relays with adaptive protection settings ensure your equipment and system are protected
  • High-resolution metering and fast control maintain high power quality throughout the system

Reduce Energy Costs and Emissions

  • Economic and environmental-based generation control optimizes available resources
  • Support for utility grid (VAR flow, demand response, etc.) maximizes return on investment
SEL microgrid systems are designed and tested by power system engineers that are experts in the field. Our engineers have implemented dozens of systems and have a deep understanding of protection, control, and automation of the power system and apply this expert knowledge to every microgrid system we implement.

System Components


Intelligent microgrid control using high-quality products.

SEL protective relays, meters, controllers, communications equipment, etc. are manufactured in the USA and come with SEL’s standard ten-year warranty. SEL is ranked as the #1 protective relay manufacturer in North America as measured by the Newton-Evans Research Company customer survey.


Channeling the power of a microgrid.

A reliable and stable microgrid requires a thorough understanding of the power system. SEL provides comprehensive power system studies and system modeling, and is one of the few companies that performs power-hardware-in-the-loop testing of all protection and control systems — verifying operation and performance under all defined scenarios.


Security as a process.

Advanced cybersecurity is designed into individual products and the overall system architecture. Each system uses a “defense-in-depth” approach to security, role-based access to functionality, individual centralized authentication, and encrypted communications for control and critical data. The system also provides system-wide automated password management, intrusion detection and alarming, and user audit trails for all access.


Intelligent Migrogrid Control Capabilities

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Fast Decoupling and Resynchronization Systems
  • Modeling and Simulation Systems
  • Generation Shedding, Runback, and Control Systems
  • Load-Shedding and Load Management Systems
  • Robust Cybersecurity