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Guia de Produtos e Soluções SEL 2019

Download the SEL Product and Solution Guide for a high-level overview of our products, services, and solutions along with feature comparisons and example applications.

Código de data: 20181015
Sistemas de Redes e Comunicações

Comunicações seguras e confiáveis para infraestrutura crítica

Código de data: 20160526
Soluções para Sistemas Críticos - Produtos, Aplicações e Serviços da SEL

Critical System Solutions - Products, Applications, and Services from SEL

Computers and Automation Platform Accessories

SEL provides computer peripherals, components, cables, and adapters essential for the completion and success of automation projects.

Código de data: 20200224
Metering Accessories Catalog

SEL provides a multitude of metering accessories that allow you to easily expand your system’s flexibility and integration capabilities. Whether you’re just getting started, making field upgrades, connecting your meters with communications cables, reviewing your mounting options, or aiming to turn your metering data into action, SEL’s metering accessories make upgrading your system a simple and streamlined process. 

Código de data: 20191016
2020 Product Catalog

Download the SEL product catalog for a detailed overview of our most popular products and solutions. It includes a convenient reference for example applications, feature comparisons, functions, prices, and the latest SEL innovations.

Código de data: 20191009