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Flow Controller Updates

Traffic Taps

With the release of Version 2.10.0, the SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller now allows you to easily apply traffic taps (i.e., make a copy of the selected traffic) anywhere in your network. This new functionality enables you to:

  • Tap logical connections.
  • Tap any switch for unplanned traffic.
  • Tap traffic and send to one or more defined tap destinations.

Taps use the data plane for forwarding packets, eliminating the need for second aggregation networks and the administrative challenges associated with RSPAN. This simplifies intrusion detection system deployment, allowing you to direct the desired tapped traffic to the sensor without needing to burn a port on every switch for a span port.

Operational technology (OT) software-defined networking (SDN) traffic taps offer functionality not previously provided by port solutions. Every packet that arrives at the tap destination can declare the switch and exact port used to enter the network. This delivers instant situational awareness of the physical ingress point for unauthorized traffic.

Cryptographically Protected Topology Management

OT SDN’s cybersecurity has become even more advanced with the addition of digital signatures and ledger tracking in topology and inventory management. The inventory tracking Link Layer Discovery Protocols (LLDPs) used in OT SDN now include:

  • A digital signature, which blocks all man-in-the-middle and injected management packets.
  • Ledger tracking, which blocks replay attacks.

Improved Automated Naming

SEL has enhanced the process for naming flows when using the circuit provisioning automation. The names now provide a normalized structure that denotes the source -> CST -> destination(s) the flow was created to support. This allows you to associate the flow with the circuit it was created to support.

Switch Updates

SEL released new firmware, R111-V1, that displays the fiber module type in the device view for both the SEL-2740S and SEL-2742S Software-Defined Network Switches. This allows you to remotely access the switch through the flow controller and view the type of fiber port on each switch (e.g., 100BASE-FX vs. 100BASE-LX or 1000BASE-SX vs. 1000BASE-LX).