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Security Enhancements Include FIPS Validation and New Security Settings

SEL-5056 Cybersecurity Enhancements

The SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller cryptography is now validated to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1. This means you can be confident that the application of cryptographic technology in SDN products meets the toughest standards in the United States.

In addition, SEL has released several new security configuration options, including user inactivity timeout, minimum password length requirements, user lockout options, user banner acknowledgement, and last login time stamping. This makes it easier to integrate the operational technology (OT) software-defined networking (SDN) solution into your company’s cybersecurity policies, because the cybersecurity features are configurable.

SEL-2740S and SEL-2742S Cybersecurity
Enhancements and Portfolio Expansion

Both the SEL-2740S and SEL-2742S Software-Defined Network Switches are now FIPS 140-2 Level 1-validated with Firmware R107 and newer.

The SEL-2740S rack-mount OT SDN switch comes with two new Ethernet port module options. Each is for the Gigabit slot with mixed media and has two copper and two fiber ports. This allows the network designer to select the perfect solution for their environment.

  • Two 10/100/1000BASE-T copper ports and two 1000BASE-SX multimode fiber ports
  • Two 10/100/1000BASE-T copper ports and two 1000BASE-LX single-mode fiber ports

The SEL-2742S DIN-rail mount switch comes with three new variant options for more flexible fiber port ordering. The new options include:

  • 100BASE-FX multimode
  • 100BASE-LX single-mode
  • 1000BASE-EX long-distance single-mode

The addition of the new variant options rounds out the already available copper and fiber options.