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Advanced Generator Protection System

SEL-400G (with autosynchronizer and IEC 61850)

  • Differential, overcurrent, voltage, and frequency protection plus autosynchronization
  • Two 10/100BASE-T and two 100BASE-FX connectors with IEC 61850, FTP, Telnet, DNP3 LAN/WAN, Modbus TCP, and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)
  • 24 125 Vdc inputs; 8 high-speed, high-current Form A, 26 standard Form A, and 4 Form C outputs
  • SEL ASCII, Compressed ASCII, Extended Fast Meter, Fast Operate, Fast Message, Fast SER, and Mirrored Bits communications
  • Front panel with 24 target LEDs, 12 operator control pushbuttons, and tricolor LEDs
Power Supply Rating 125–250 Vdc, 110–240 Vac48–125 Vdc, 110–120 Vac
Current Input 5 A1 A5 A1 A
Sales Item Number 400G#NNNJ 400G#8F4D 400G#9C4C 400G#F7NH
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