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Ultra-High-Speed Line Relay

SEL-T401L (5 A, 125–250 Vdc, 110–240 Vac)

  • Ultra-high-speed line protection with time-domain* and phasor-based elements and schemes.
  • Single- and double-ended traveling-wave fault locator, accurate to a tower span.
  • Line monitor for condition-based line maintenance to prevent recurring faults.
  • Utra-high-resolution transient recorder to record six currents and six voltages.
  • Flexible protection signaling using configurable encoding methods, SEL MB or IEEE C37.94.
  • SCADA/HMI integration and engineering access using DNP3 LAN/WAN, FTP, Telnet, and FTDV.**
  • Rated input current: 5 A; power supply rated voltage: 125–250 Vdc, 110–240.

*For the TW87 scheme, order transceivers for the direct fiber-optic channel separately to account for the line length and fiber losses of a particular application.
**Order a 1 Gbps SFP transceiver for the engineering access port if you plan on using the FTDV protocol.

Contact Input Rated Voltage 110 Vdc125 Vdc250 Vdc
Configuration Number T401L#0003 T401L#0001 T401L#0011
Typically Ships In 10 Days 2 Days 10 Days
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