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Voltage Regulator Control


Standard single-phase voltage regulator control with forward/reverse operating modes, line drop compensation, SELogic programming, metering, event reporting, a Sequential Events Recorder (SER), load profiling, and synchrophasors.

  • Type-A USB flash drive interface
  • Standard power supply: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • Two 120 Vac voltage inputs and eight contact inputs (two 120 Vac programmable inputs, four 12 Vdc self-whetted programmable inputs, and two dedicated inputs)
  • Seven contact outputs (four programmable and three dedicated)
  • Front-panel EIA-232 port
  • Additional fiber-optic, 62.5 µm, multimode, ST-style connector communications port
  • Communications Port 1, Fiber-optic, 62.5 µm, multimode, ST-style connector
  • Toggle switch raise/lower operators