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Generator Protection Relay

  • SEL-700G1+ model, basic generator protection plus 87, Gen 25, 64G, 21, 78, and autosynchronizer
  • Ethernet/rear serial options: dual 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and EIA-232
  • Protocols: standard plus DNP3 and IEC 61850
  • Two sets of 4 digital input (DI)/4 digital output (DO) (SELect 4 DI/4 DO); 125 Vdc/Vac DI, electromechanical DO
  • 3-phase ac current input (ACI), Vsync input, and Vn input (300 Vac) (SELect 3 ACI/2 ac voltage input [AVI])
  • 3-phase ACI/neutral ACI/3-phase AVI (300 Vac) (SELect 4 ACI/3 AVI)
Power Supply and Direct Input Voltage 125 Vdc/Vac digital input24 Vdc digital input
Current Inputs 1 A phase/1 A neutral5 A phase/5 A neutral1 A phase/1 A neutral5 A phase/5 A neutral
Sales Item Number 700G#7GD4 700G#HFKC 700G#GH2B 700G#JFGF
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