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Feeder Protection Relay


  • Ideal for standalone arc-flash mitigation.
  • Four fast high-current-interrupting digital outputs and four digital inputs.
  • 10 m and 15 m arc-flash point sensors.
  • Includes overcurrent feeder protection.
  • Includes voltage protection elements.
  • Includes Ethernet and EIA-232 communications ports.
  • Synchrophasors with IEEE C37.118 protocol.
  • Modbus RTU, SEL ASCII and Compressed ASCII, SEL Fast Meter, SEL Fast Operate, SEL Fast SER, SEL Fast Message, Y modem file transfer, and SEL Mirrored Bits protocols.
  • IA, IB, IC, and IN current inputs.
  • VA, VB, and VC voltage inputs.
  • Front-panel LCD, configurable labels, and programmable target LEDs and pushbuttons.
Power Supply and Direct Input Voltage 125 Vdc/Vac Digital Input 24 Vdc Digital Input
Current Input 1 A Phase, 1 A Neutral5 A Phase, 5 A Neutral1 A Phase, 1 A Neutral5 A Phase, 5 A Neutral
Sales Item Number 751A#0301 751A#0302 751A#0303 751A#0304
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