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Firmware Tools

Latest Firmware Versions

Select a product from the drop-down menu, and the latest Firmware Version(s) will display. Please consult the appropriate product instruction manual or contact your SEL sales representative, distributor, or application engineer for information about the features available in each version.

If you would like to receive the latest firmware for your SEL product, please contact your SEL sales representative or customer service representative.

Firmware Versions for

Firmware File Hash Verification

SEL products transparently check the integrity of each firmware file during the firmware upgrade process through checksums. Additionally, some SEL products check the authenticity and integrity of firmware by digital signature verification. If a mismatch occurs, the SEL device will reject the firmware file and abort the firmware upgrade process.

SEL provides firmware hashes as an additional tool to verify the integrity of SEL firmware files. This page helps you to ensure that the firmware received from SEL is complete and unaltered prior to installing the firmware in the SEL device.

Use this page to verify that the firmware file in your possession is a known good SEL firmware release by comparing the calculated hash value of the firmware in your possession with the hash value provided on this website by selecting the product from the drop-down list below.

If your product or firmware version is not available from this list, if the firmware file in your possession does not match the hash value from this tool, or if you need firmware hash values for other file types, please contact SEL Technical Support.

A mySEL account is required to access the firmware hash data. Please login or register.

Firmware Verification and SELboot Compatibility

Verify that the firmware running in an SEL device is complete and unaltered using the table below. Use the table to identify the minimum compatible version of SELboot for the respective firmware revision.

A mySEL account is required to access this information. Please login or register.

Minimum QuickSet Version Requirements

Select a product family and product from the drop-down menu, and the minimum SEL-5030 software version requirements will display.