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Overhead Fault Counter Fault Indicator

The SEL-FC is designed to assist in locating recurrent momentary faults. Momentary faults are produced by tree boughs being blown into power lines, damaged or contaminated insulators, voltage surges, or insulation breakdown that clears upon power interruption of automatic reclosers.

The SEL-FC is line-powered from the alternating electric field surrounding the conductor. It counts and stores up to ten fault occurrences. The face of the SEL-FC is designed in the pattern of an analog clock face and uses a reflective red “hour hand” pointer to indicate the number of faults it has recorded. You can erase the stored count without removing the SEL-FC from the line by using the Fault Counter Reset Tool (FCRT).

You can easily and quickly install the SEL-FC using a single hot stick. The UV-stabilized housing and stainless steel clamping mechanism make it suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

Test and Reset Tools for Fault Indicators

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Count the number of temporary and permanent faults on sections of line with problems caused by defective insulators, tree branches, etc.

Count up to ten faults with the clock-style face with a reflective red pointer.

Manually reset the SEL-FC with a hot-stick-mounted tool.

Install the SEL-FC with a single hot stick.

Prevent false tripping during recloser operations with the inrush restraint feature.


The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.