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SEL-787 and SEL-787-2/-3/-4 Comparison

Standard Feature

Model Option

Common features are not listed in this comparison. For more information, visit the product pages.

Display Front Panel
5" Color Touchscreen Display, 800 × 480 Resolution 
8 Front-Panel Pushbuttons, Customizable 
Supported Languages (Spanish)
CT/PT Inputs
Differential Current 6Up to 12
VS/VBAT Channel0Up to 1
Differential and Restricted Earth Fault (REF) Elements
Differential Protection Windings (Standard)22, 3, or 4
Differential Protection Windings (Winding 3 Configured for REF) Up to 3
REF Elements (Winding 3 Configured for REF) Up to 2
Protection Elements
24 Overexcitation (Volts/Hertz) (-2E/-3E/-3S)
25 Synchronism Check  (-3S)
27I Inverse-Time Undervoltage (Phase, Phase-to-Phase, Sequential, Vsync)  (-2E/-3E/-3S)
27P Undervoltage (Phase) With Inverse Characteristic (-2E/-3E/-3S)
27PP Phase-to-Phase Undervoltage  (-2E/-3E/-3S)
27S VS Channel Undervoltage  (-3S)
32 Directional Power (-2E/-3E/-3S)
50N Neutral Overcurrent (-21/-2E/-3E)
51N Neutral Time Overcurrent (-21/-2E/-3E)
51PC Combined Winding Phase Time Overcurrent  (-3E, -3S, -4X)
51GC Combined Winding Ground Time Overcurrent  (-3E, -3S, -4X)
59 (P,G,Q) Overvoltage (Phase, Ground, Neg. Seq.) (-2E/-3E/-3S)
59PP Phase-to-Phase Overvoltage  (-2E/-3E/-3S)
59I Inverse-Time Overvoltage (Phase, Phase-to-Phase, Sequential, Vsync)  (-2E/-3E/-3S)
59S VS Channel Overvoltage  (-3S)
60LOP Loss of Potential (-2E/-3E/-3S)
81 (O,U) Over-/Underfrequency (-2E/-3E/-3S)
Instrumentation and Control
Windings Protected22, 3, or 4
14 Digital Inputs Card Support 
DFR Event Reports15 or 64 cycles15, 64, or 180 cycles
Data Acquisition16 samples/cycle32 samples/cycle
Frequency Tracking20–70 Hz15–70 Hz
Incoming GOOSE Message Support1664
RTU Remote Terminal Unit
PMU Synchronized Phasor MeasurementUp to 10 messages/secondUp to 60 messages/second at 60 Hz
Multiposition Disconnect Switches 
Control Disconnect Switches From Bay Diagram 
Firmware Downloads Via Ethernet 
WEB Web Server 
Substation Battery Monitor 
Communications Protocols
IEC 61850 Edition 2 
IEC 60870-5-103 Protocol 
Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) 
IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) 


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