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SEL-2407 and SEL-2488 Comparison

Average Time Accuracy (demodulated IRIG-B and pulses) to UTC ±100 ns ±40 ns
Peak Time Accuracy (demodulated IRIG-B and pulses) to UTC ±500 ns±100 ns
Holdover Accuracy Over 24 Hours at a Constant Temperature 6.9 ms 36 µs with standard TCXO, 5 µs with OCXO
Demodulated IRIG-B PortsUp to 6 Up to 9
Demodulated IRIG-B BNC Output Voltage and Cable Length 3.5 Vdc up to 130 feet5.0 Vdc up to 500 feet
Modulated IRIG-B Ports 1 Up to 4
Ethernet Ports 0 4 (can be copper, single-mode fiber, or multimode fiber, ordered in pairs)
NTPv4 No Yes
NTP Time-Stamp Accuracy (typical) to UTC  — <100 µs
PTP Grandmaster (IEEE 1588) No Yes, with PTP option
PTP Time-Stamp Accuracy (peak) to UTC ±100 ns
PPS, kPPS Yes Yes
ASCII Outputs Yes No
Time Display Yes Yes
Configurable Cable Delay Compensation No Yes
Power Supplies 1 standard 1 standard; 1 optional redundant, hot-swappable
Management Interface Serial Web
Syslog No Yes
Role-Based Accounts, LDAP Support No Yes
SNMP Traps No Yes
acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software Support No Yes
Operating Temperature–40° to +80°C (–40° to +176°F) –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F)
Time Source GPS GPS and GLONASS
Recommended Antenna SEL-9524A SEL-9524B
Antenna Cable Length Up to 400 feet Up to 500 feet
Satellite Signal Verification No Yes, with SEL-9524B GNSS antenna kit 
IEC 60255, IEC 61000, IEEE C37.90 Yes Yes
IRIG-B Over Fiber Use optional fiber-optic serial port Use SEL-2812 or SEL-3405 with DB-9 port
Alarm Contact Yes Yes


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