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Monitor and Control Your Power System


Add the SEL-2240 Axion PMU to an Existing or New Synchrophasor System

Use high-resolution, time-aligned synchrophasor measurements for monitoring and controlling your power system. SEL has been providing synchrophasor solutions for over a decade and has helped customers implement systems for reliably interconnecting renewable generation, improving system stability, and providing improved situational awareness and understanding of the power system. The Axion Platform modular PMU is SEL’s latest innovative synchrophasor product.

An Axion modular PMU consists of the following components and modules:

  • SEL-2242 Backplane/Chassis: choose from the 10-slot, the small 4-slot, or the dual 4-slot 5U chassis. Multiple chassis can be linked together using either a copper or fiber EtherCAT connection without the need for a separate precise time IRIG-B input.
  • SEL-2243 Power Coupler Module
  • SEL-2241 RTAC Module
  • One or more SEL-2244-2 Digital Input Modules (24 digital inputs per module)
  • One or more SEL-2245-4 AC Analog Input Modules (4 CT and 4 PT inputs per module)

Every Axion PMU includes:

  • P- and M-class measurements in compliance with IEEE C37.118-2011 (as amended by IEEE C37.118.1a-2014)
  • Selectable rates from 1 to 60 messages per second
  • Up to 64 phasor measurements using any combination of CT or PT inputs
  • Up to 30 digital inputs
  • Up to six IEEE C37.118 server outputs

This device has been certified by ICAP as of 12/02/2015.

The IEEE Certification Mark, the design mark, and the term "IEEE Certified" are certification marks of IEEE, and cannot be used without the written authorization of IEEE.

IEEE C37.118a-2014


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