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Introducing the SEL-TWFL

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Dual Traveling-Wave Fault Locator and 12-Channel MHz Recorder

SEL-TWFL Dual Line Fault Locator and MHz Recorder

The SEL-TWFL is a traveling-wave fault-locating device that provides accurate and dependable fault location for up to two power lines using traveling-wave- and impedance-based fault-locating methods. The traveling-wave fault-locating technology used in the SEL-TWFL has a field-proven accuracy of one tower span. The SEL-TWFL includes line-monitoring logic to monitor lines for incipient faults.

The device interfaces with conventional voltage and current transformers and can be used to monitor two line terminals at a substation.

It is suitable for multi-terminal applications; you can apply the SEL-TWFL on overhead, cable, and hybrid lines. The SEL-TWFL includes a MHz recorder to capture as many as six currents and six voltages for up to 1.2 seconds at 1 MHz sampling rate with 18 bits of resolution. This capability allows for detailed analysis of power system transients, such as breaker reignition and transient recovery voltage.

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