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The SEL-651R Recloser Control—Your Point of Common Coupling

SEL-651R Recloser Control

Your Point-of-Common-Coupling Solution

As more renewables get added to the mix, it’s important to safely and reliably control the intertie, or point of common coupling, between distributed generation (DG) sites and the main power grid. The SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control is a turnkey solution for controlling points of common coupling and a better way to interconnect distributed energy resources (DERs) or microgrids.

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Features and Benefits

Fast Islanding Detection

Protect the DER

The challenge with tying in renewables is the potential time added to reclosing. However, the local fast islanding detection in the SEL-651R makes the DG recloser open so fast that there is no delay for the utility while protecting the DER from damage.

Simple and Convenient

One SEL-651R replaces multiple devices

Typically, a safe and reliable point-of-common-coupling solution requires multiple devices, from relays and uninterruptible power supplies to cables and switches and more. Now, all you need is the recloser control. A recloser with the SEL-651R is a turnkey point-of-common-coupling solution with features like synchronization and protection functionalities built in. Aside from being simpler and more convenient, using the SEL-651R as an intertie control solution will save thousands of dollars.

Enhanced Intertie Control

Precise Voltage Sensing

Pairing the SEL-651R with the G&W Viper-ST Recloser enhances intertie control. G&W’s Accusense voltage sensors provide 0.5% accuracy, which improves synchronization and islanding detection.

Safe and Reliable

The First Recloser Control to Meet IEEE 1547-2018 Protection Requirements

Synchronization, connection, and power quality are key elements at the intertie between the DG and the utility. If the connection between distributed generation and a strong utility source is out of sync, it could cause extensive damage to the DER site, including to its generators. IEEE 1547-2018 specifies how these points of common coupling should work so that both sides are coordinated. The SEL-651R is the only recloser control that not only meets this standard, but also exceeds the standard’s timing requirements.

Discover a better way to interconnect DERs

Want to learn more? Watch the one-hour webinar to learn about the safety, reliability, and simplicity of the SEL-651R intertie solution.

Watch the webinar.

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