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Grant Application

Programs with missions that align with the following criteria may apply to receive an SEL grant.

  • Education: We are committed to developing the next generation of innovators and inventors through the support of science, technology, engineering, and math education.
  • Community: We support programs that enhance well-being and provide food and shelter.

SEL corporate giving does not generally provide grants for the following:

  • Courtesy advertisements.
  • Organizations focusing on animals, sports, leagues, arts, entertainment, or culture.
  • Religious organizations, with the exception of food banks, shelters, or disaster relief.
  • Fun runs, walks, and rides.
  • Organizations that promote or practice discrimination.
  • Organizations seeking to influence elections or legislation.

Organizations requesting funds must be a school or a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Contact Information

Donation Request

Our team will carefully review your request and consider its alignment with our corporate giving priorities. We will get back to you within approximately four weeks of your request. If your request is time-sensitive, we will do our best to respond earlier.

Donation Information


The undersigned certifies that they are authorized to represent the organization applying for funding and that the information contained in this application is accurate. The undersigned agrees that if the funding is awarded to the organization:

  1. The funding will be used for the purpose outlined in the award letter and may not be expended for any other purpose without prior written approval from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
  2. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., has received nothing of material value in exchange for the funding. 
  3. Information about the organization and the funding may be used by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., in any published materials.