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Recorded Webinar

Effective Arc-Flash Mitigation Strategies

Date held: Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Arc-flash events can generate dangerous and potentially fatal levels of heat, ultraviolet radiation, pressure, and mechanical shock, along with deafening sound waves. The cost of a real-world arc-flash event can include human injuries, equipment destruction, downtime, and loss of productivity. High-speed arc-flash detection can significantly reduce the energy level and lower the electrical hazard risk, saving lives, minimizing equipment damage, and maintaining process continuity.

In this webinar, SEL presenter Hamed Ershadzadeh explores direct methods to effectively mitigate the risk of an arc flash. You will learn about:

  • Case studies that demonstrate the impact of real-world arc-flash incidents.
  • SEL arc-flash solutions that provide fast and effective mitigation, increasing safety for personnel and equipment.
  • Improved protection schemes that engineers and designers can implement to effectively mitigate the risk of an arc flash.

Hamed Ershadzadeh

Hamed Ershadzadeh

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.