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Recorded Webinar

Secure Engineering Access and Resource Management Tools on Blueframe

Date held: Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Duration: 55 minutes

Managing a large fleet of devices across multiple substations can be difficult with limited access from a central location. The new Direct Resource Access tool on the SEL Blueframe application platform for utility and industrial systems makes fleet management simple and secure. 

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how Direct Resource Access provides a secure interface to access terminals for relays and other IEDs.

This webinar covers:

  • How to create and manage connections and define access rights for communications sessions, all from the convenience of a webpage.
  • How role-based permission improves security by allowing utilities to specify user access to IEDs.
  • Future functionality of Direct Resource Access, including security measures such as limited simultaneous session access per user, access-level permissions, and single sign on with authentication.
  • Updates and enhancements to Resource Management, including an updated UI for a more modern and user-friendly interface; a new profile capability for simpler addition of numerous resources; and filters for simplified resource organization.

Lead product manager Cailin Penberthy introduces Direct Resource Access and the enhancements to Resource Management, including a demonstration of both. She also provides an overview of Blueframe, which offers a cybersecure operating system, an intuitive interface, and a growing selection of software. The following panelists join the discussion: Mark Weber, engineering director; David Prestwich, senior engineering manager; and Darrin Kite, development lead engineer.



Cailin Penberthy