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Recorded Webinar

Detecting a Broken Conductor Before It Converts Into a Fault

Date held: Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Duration: 50 minutes

Detect broken conductors on transmission and subtransmission lines with advanced logic in the SEL-411L Advanced Line Differential Protection, Automation, and Control System. This logic allows the relay to quickly identify a broken conductor before it falls to the ground, prevent a shunt fault by tripping the line, adaptively block autoreclosing onto a permanent fault, and estimate the broken conductor’s location.

During this recorded webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Causes of broken conductors and the sequence of events that occur when a conductor breaks.
  • Challenges associated with broken conductor detection.
  • A new algorithm for detecting and locating broken conductors available in the SEL-411L.
  • How the algorithm is validated using field events from 57.1 kV and 220 kV lines and using Electromagnetic Transients Program simulations.


Tech Paper - Detecting and Locating Broken Conductor Faults on High-Voltage Lines to Prevent Autoreclosing Onto Permanent Faults

Kanchanrao Dase

Kanchanrao Dase

Lead Power Engineer