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Recorded Webinar

Mitigate Transmission Wildfire Risk

Date held: December 1, 2021
Duration: 55 minutes

This webinar presents advanced software and protection, fault-locating, and line-monitoring technologies and strategies for achieving quick progress toward a more fire-resistant electric power transmission system. These solutions provide the benefits of situational awareness, accurate and actionable data, cost reduction, and time saving and represent a growing awareness by utilities worldwide of the importance of further reducing the potential loss of life, property, and vegetation due to wildfires.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Situational awareness software for power system operators, which provides time-series data from protection relays (or synchrophasors) and real-time analytics.
  • Broken-conductor detection—a protection algorithm that identifies an open or broken phase for detecting broken conductors or jumpers and also provides its location for improved response time.
  • Traveling-wave fault locating (TWFL), which allows for improved response time as system operators and dispatchers can use the results to dispatch crews to an exact tower location for inspection.
  • A line-monitoring solution that detects incipient faults, recurring faults, and incipient cable faults.
  • How autoreclosing is allowed or inhibited using TWFL results with ARC logic. You can inhibit reclosing for faults on the cable sections of a hybrid line, near airports, along fire-prone stretches of an overhead line, or in areas where humans or animals are present.


Jared Bestebreur

Jared Bestebreur

Development Lead Engineer
Kanchanrao Dase

Kanchanrao Dase

Lead Power Engineer

Richard D. Kirby

Senior Product Sales Manager