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Recorded Webinar

How Source Diversity Improves Control Power Supply Reliability

Date held: May 13, 2020
Duration: 30 minutes

DC control power can fail for a number of reasons—battery failures, dc control system faults, battery charger failures, testing or maintenance errors—leaving critical equipment without power. If a fault occurs when protection equipment is not energized, even a minor event can lead to damaged equipment, costly repairs, and harm to personnel. Redundancy can help prevent a single point of failure in control power systems and help you avoid these outcomes.

This recorded webinar focuses on the new SEL-RPM Redundant Power Module, which combines multiple ac and dc power sources to increase control power availability and reliability. During the webinar, you will learn about the following:

  • The importance of control power reliability for protection, monitoring, and control equipment.
  • Combining diverse power sources using the SEL-RPM.
  • Stored energy and how it enables breakers to trip.
  • How the ride-through time allows event reports to be saved when needed most.


Austin Wade