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Recorded Webinar

Discover Life After QuickSet—Introducing SEL Grid Configurator

Date held: January 15, 2020
Duration: 60 min

For almost 20 years, acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software has been the standard configuration tool for SEL power system devices. In that time, we made additions and tweaks to it based on the feedback you provided. Now, with innovation and simplicity in mind, we have developed a complete replacement tool that will start rolling out in 2020: SEL Grid Configurator.

Grid Configurator allows you to quickly and confidently create, manage, and deploy settings for SEL relays, meters, and distribution controllers. It features a modern interface, simplified configuration workflows, and powerful protection visualization to reduce device deployment complexity.

During this recorded webinar, you will:

  • Learn exactly why we’re making the software change.
  • Understand the road map for its release with SEL devices.
  • Discover the software’s features.
  • Watch a software demo.

SEL Grid Configurator FAQ


Michael Rourke


Tyler Dusek