html{display:none} Securing Your Supply Chain and Preparing for NERC CIP-013 Compliance | Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Recorded Webinar

Securing Your Supply Chain and Preparing for NERC CIP-013 Compliance

Date held: December 11, 2019
Duration: 48 min

The July 1, 2020, compliance deadline for NERC CIP-013, “Cyber Security—Supply Chain Risk Management,” is approaching. To comply, utilities with medium-impact substations need to develop plans to reduce risk. SEL has over 30 years of experience in secure supply chain management, and our experts share our knowledge to support your efforts.

In the webinar, you’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • Assessing risk from products or services.
  • Verification of software integrity.
  • Disclosure of known vulnerabilities.
  • Notification and response to security incidents.
  • Controlling remote access.
  • Other resources available for secure supply chain management.

Learn From the Experts

Frank Harrill
Frank Harrill

Director of Security

Frank Harrill is the director of security for SEL, which invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world. Frank retired from the FBI in 2016, where he devoted over 20 years to the investigation of sophisticated cyber attacks, terrorist incidents, and other federal crimes. Prior to joining the FBI, he served in the United States Navy for nearly 10 years as a carrier pilot and jet flight instructor. In 2011, Harrill earned a master’s degree in information technology with an emphasis in security and assurance from Carnegie Mellon University. He obtained a certified information systems security professional (CISSP) certification in 2004.

William Edwards

Senior Engineer

William Edwards, CISSP, P.E., received his B.S.E.E. from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011. He joined SEL in 2011, where he is presently a technology development automation engineer. Prior to joining SEL, William worked for Concurrent Computer Corporation, where he ensured quality for video-on-demand solutions. William is a member of the IEEE, certified information systems security professional, and registered professional engineer in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and Tennessee.