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Recorded Webinar

Enhancing Protection and Restoration of Recloser-Dense Distribution Systems

Date held: Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Duration: 1 hour

Segmenting distribution circuits by adding reclosers is a proven way of reducing the number of customers affected by a fault. As more reclosers are added, using alternate sources to restore non-faulted line segments may become easier—but coordinating protection may become much harder.

This webinar describes a complete protection and restoration solution that meets this challenge.

High-Density Coordination (HDC) mitigates the challenges of high recloser density by providing a scheme that will coordinate an unlimited number of reclosers on any given circuit. Then, after the HDC scheme cycles to lockout, FLISR (fault location, isolation, and service restoration) on the Blueframe automation platform restores load to unfaulted segments in any distribution topology.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • A new coordination philosophy that doesn’t require communications or additional products.
  • Two HDC schemes—one with communications and one without—that solve the coordination challenges of dense distribution systems.
  • How the HDC schemes and FLISR work together to maximize reliability for distribution systems.
  • The principles of a centralized FLISR scheme.

Luke Booth

Luke Booth, P.E.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.