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Recorded Webinar

Software-Based Password Rotation With DMA Credential Management

Date held: Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Duration: 1 hour

A user-friendly, reliable tool for managing and automatically rotating passwords across a fleet of devices is key to simplifying asset management.

DMA Credential Management applications support compliance efforts by setting system-generated random passwords for the resource access level credentials on an automated schedule. Credential Management now offers this functionality without the need for a security gateway like the SEL-3620—making it SEL’s first software solution for direct password rotation.

New passwords are securely stored and associated with the resource for use throughout the system, which ensures other automated processes with the device can continue and that secure engineering access can be accomplished with the Direct Resource Access application. Credential Management then ensures that tracking of credential changes can be monitored through role-based access-control reports in the archive tool.

Join us for a recorded webinar to learn about SEL’s solution for software-based password management on the Blueframe platform. Users will learn about:

  • DMA Credential Management direct password rotation.
  • Support of compliance efforts.
  • The secure, integrated engineering access solution this provides with Blueframe.


David Prestwich

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.