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Recorded Webinar

SEL Blueframe—A Secure Application Platform Designed for OT Systems (Europe)

Date held: Thursday, November 24, 2022
Duration: 40 minutes

Join us for a recorded webinar where you will learn from SEL presenter Sagar Dayabhai about SEL Blueframe—a user-friendly, modular operational technology (OT) application platform that allows users to automate OT processes and manage substation and recloser data more efficiently.

Topics include the following:

  • Blueframe demonstrations and an overview of new enhancements.
  • Secure engineering access and resource management tools on Blueframe.
  • Security—Blueframe utilizes a locked-down version of Linux and containerized applications, providing greater cybersecurity and simpler patch management than Microsoft Windows-based solutions.
  • Ease of use—Blueframe provides a consistent, intuitive interface that allows users to seamlessly share data across applications and easily configure automation tasks without programming. 
  • The Data Management and Automation (DMA) application suite, which allows users to efficiently and remotely collect and store oscillography data, Sequence of Events (SOE) data, device settings, and properties from IEDs.
  • The Credential Management application package, which supports password management and proxy report collection using SEL security gateways.