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Recorded Webinar

How to Evaluate the Cyber Risk of Emerging Technologies—An ICS Attack Framework

Date held: Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Duration: 1 hour

Emerging technologies provide grid planners, operators, and engineers with opportunities to lower costs, increase performance, and improve reliability—among many other possible benefits. However, it is crucial that these entities thoroughly assess potential security risks associated with adopting new technologies.

While there are some existing frameworks related to evaluating emerging technology, a gap exists specifically within the power system operational technology (OT) space.

In this webinar, experts from SEL, Dragos, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and Florida Polytechnic University introduce an evaluation framework for power system OT environments. They discuss topics including:

  • How emerging technologies provide exciting opportunities—but require due diligence in evaluating security vulnerabilities.
  • Existing challenges that make it difficult to evaluate risk for emerging technologies.
  • The ICS Attack Framework for emerging technology, which can help power system entities effectively and uniformly assess risks and weigh these risks against potential benefits.

This webinar is prerecorded.

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Securely Integrating Emerging Technologies

ICS Attack Framework for Evaluating Emerging Technologies


Will Edwards

Will Edwards, CISSP, PE


Chris Ewing, CISSP


Josh Carlson

Ryan D. Quint

Ryan D. Quint, PhD, PE


Mohammad Reza Khalghani, PhD