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Recorded Webinar

Converged Industrial Edge—Simplify and Secure IT and OT Information Exchange

Date held: November 17, 2021
Duration: 53 minutes

Critical infrastructure networks face continually increasing performance demands that drive the need for better cybersecurity, more automation capabilities, and simpler information exchanges between IT and operational technology (OT) devices. 

Typical solutions often result in overly complex network architectures that are prone to misconfigurations, limit system visibility, increase maintenance and operational costs, and increase the cyber-attack surface. More, it can take months to engineer, test, and deploy any desired network changes.

That’s why three industry leaders—SEL, Juniper Networks, and Dragos—partnered in a common mission to improve and reset the complexity of today’s critical infrastructure networks. The result was the Converged Industrial Edge­ (CIE)—a cloud-native, programmable, deny-by-default network architecture. This solution not only allows for secure information exchange between IT and OT networks, but it also preserves the integrity of each domain’s performance requirements. 

The CIE allows new circuits to be created and implemented in minutes, reduces the potential for misconfigurations, increases system visibility, reduces maintenance and operational costs, and minimizes the cyber-attack surface.

SEL provides the LAN and information inventory management of the OT edge devices as well as the deny-by-default, zero-trust cybersecurity foundation of the solution. 

In this webinar, you will learn how CIE: 

  • Unifies inventory management and simplifies NERC CIP auditing. 
  • Eliminates repetitive data entry and network configuration errors. 
  • Automates end-to-end circuit provisioning. 
  • Provides deny-by-default, zero-trust cybersecurity and total situational awareness.
  • Reduces operational expenses and simplifies processes.

You will also get to hear from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) directly, who will discuss their experience in this project, their goals, and the benefits they have seen so far.


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Dragos Converged Industrial Edge

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Jedidiah Bartlett

Lead Product Sales Manager