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Recorded Webinar

Virtual SEL Technical Seminar - Breakout Sessions

Date held: April 28, 2020

Breakout Session 1

Fast, Secure, Dependable, and Simple—Introducing the SEL-T401L Line Relay

This session provides an overview of the SEL-T401L Ultra-High-Speed Line Relay protection functions, focusing on simplicity, dependability, security, and speed. During the session, you will learn about the following as they apply to the SEL-T401L:

  • Distance, directional, voltage, and current protection elements.
  • Switch-onto-fault, pilot protection, weak-infeed, and open-breaker echo schemes.
  • Power-swing blocking and out-of-step tripping logic with no system studies required.
  • Protection channels, pilot signal redundancy, and multiterminal pilot schemes.
  • Enhancements addressing issues in networks with nontraditional sources.
  • acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software.
  • Application with the SEL-421 Protection, Automation, and Control System or SEL-411L Advanced Line Differential Protection, Automation, and Control System as an all-SEL dual-redundant protection system.

Presenters: Richard Kirby and Greg Smelich

Breakout Session 1 Recording: 2 hours 4 minutes

Breakout Session 2

Overcoming Performance Degradation When Migrating Protection to Packet-Based Networks

It is becoming evident that packet-based network technologies, such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Carrier Ethernet, cannot meet the communications channel performance requirements for high-speed protection. During this session, participants will:

  • Learn why latency, asymmetry, and failover are essential for maintaining a line current differential protection scheme.
  • Learn how VSN offers the same performance benefits as other pilot channel protection methods.

Presenters: Paul Belussi and Derrick Haas


Breaking Silos: Maximizing Substation Data Intelligence to Reduce Operations Cost

During this session, we discuss:

  • SEL Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) and SEL-2240 Axion enhancements in communications processing and remote terminal unit (RTU) applications.
  • Convergence of technology—obsoleting the terms RTU, communications processor, programmable automation controller (PAC), and programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • The role of data in the substation of the future.
  • Concentrating substation data—disturbance reports, condition-based maintenance indicators, and asset inventory.
  • New control and operational strategies that are possible when silos are removed.

Presenters: Andy Gould and Chris Bontje

Breakout Session 2 Recording: 2 hours 20 minutes

Breakout Session 3

Wildfire Mitigation—Applying SEL Technology as Part of a System-Level Solution

During this session, we discuss:

  • How SEL solutions fit into fire mitigation systems.
  • System grounding impacts on ground fault protection sensitivity.
  • Methods for detecting downed conductors on distribution transmission systems.
  • Field experiences with high-impedance fault detection.
  • Reclosing and sectionalizing adjustments for fire mitigation.

Presenter: Anthony Rahiminejad


Event Analysis From Actual Field Cases

In this session, participants will see how they can use powerful SEL-5601-2 synchroWAVe Event Software to analyze real-world events and learn how to quickly identify the source of power system problems. Topics include:

  • Event report triggering conditions.
  • Types of event reports.
  • Event report retrieval.
  • Overview of synchroWAVe Event.
  • Analysis of actual field cases.

Presenters: John Town, Karl Zimmerman, and Marcel Taberer

Breakout Session 3 Recording: 2 hours 32 minutes