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Recorded Webinar

Simplifying Advanced Capacitor Bank Installation

Date held: February 12, 2020
Duration: 47 minutes

Improving your distribution system’s power quality can be challenging and expensive. Now there’s an easier way to upgrade to more accurate current-based capacitor bank control. This webinar focuses on the new SEL-734W and SEL-8340 Capacitor Bank Control and Wireless Current Sensor solution, a simpler, safer, and lower-cost solution for advanced capacitor bank applications.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Benefits of advanced current-based capacitor bank switching compared to traditional time- and temperature-based switching.
  • Components of the new SEL solution.
  • Installation process and a cost comparison.
  • Location flexibility of the solution.
  • System monitoring capabilities.

Ben Rowland

Ben Rowland, EE


Shane Reeves