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Recorded Webinar

Manage and Secure Power System Assets

Date held: January 13, 2016

Data concentrators serve as the information hub for substations collecting information from power system assets, such as protective relays, meters, and reclosers, and sending it to a central SCADA system. Leveraging the data collected by the data concentrator provides an opportunity to monitor critical assets for potential maintenance conditions. This predictive alarming gives engineers the necessary data to keep power system components online and avoid expensive downtime.

As the role of these devices continues to expand, security is critical to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data essential for maintaining and operating critical infrastructure. There are many technologies and best practices underlying the architecture of data concentrators that contribute to security. Whether discussing anti-virus technology, secure communications, or security patch management, it is essential to understand the concepts these devices incorporate as mitigating strategies.

This webinar looks at the fundamental aspects of data concentrator security with particular attention to NERC CIP-0075—Cyber Security—System Security Management. It also examines how collected data can be used to comply with NERC PRC-005-2 Protection System Maintenance. The following list contains the topics that will be covered during the webinar:

  • NERC CIP-007-5
  • NERC PRC-005-2
  • RTAC Configuration