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Protection Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Protecting Electric Power Systems

Protection Services

SEL Engineering Services (ES) specifies, designs, implements, tests, and commissions protection systems. SEL engineers are experts at modern multifunction microprocessor relay technology. Our teams design protection for generation, transmission, distribution, and low-voltage systems worldwide. These schemes commonly include all the design documentation, testing procedures, and setting reports for protection, controls, automation, and communications systems.

SEL ES also provides all forms of electric power system modeling and studies. These models are used for arc-flash, feasibility, volt/VAR optimization, equipment sizing, scheme design, and stability studies. Our teams also provide hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for both protection and control systems.

Onsite testing, training, and commissioning services are also available.

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Key Offerings

  • Protection scheme designs
  • Relaying standard development
  • Arc-flash studies
  • System modeling and studies
  • Testing and commissioning services
  • Generator synchronizing systems
  • Protection HIL testing
  • NERC PRC compliance
  • CT sizing

Service Offerings

Arc-Flash Studies

Arc-Flash Studies

Hire SEL experts to determine incident energy levels and design an SEL solution.


System Modeling

Improve power system performance in critical applications, validate relay performance, and optimize settings using model power system testing. 

Generator and Microgrid Synchronizing Systems

Synchronizing Systems

SEL ES can design and build conventional and advanced generator and microgrid synchronizing systems with automatic and manual synchronizing capabilities.

System Modeling

Protection HIL Testing

Improve power system performance in critical applications, validate protective relay performance, and optimize relay settings at the SEL model power system testing laboratory.

SFCI Professional security services

Security Services

SEL cybersecurity services help customers assess, support, and develop control system security infrastructure. Our services support NERC CIP standards as well as other security standards and regulations. SEL personnel have multidisciplinary experience in substations, control systems, and information security and maintain multiple industry security certifications.