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Protection Services

Protection Solutions and Related Services for Electric Power Systems

Protection Services

SEL protection services have been implemented in power systems worldwide. SEL engineers are highly trained professionals with years of experience and a broad knowledge base to provide the best solution for your system.

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Protection Scheme Designs/Settings

Our protection engineering experts design protection schemes for transmission, distribution and diverse generation systems that take full advantage of SEL multi-function microprocessor relay and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) technology. SEL selects the best solution for your system and provides detailed design and drafting services to prepare the necessary schematics, one-line diagrams and other diagrams using multiple CADD technologies. SEL provides assistance in programming and configuring protection equipment for optimum performance. Our relay settings services includes calculation, documentation and testing for a wide variety of protection applications and protection speed logic schemes including communication based, relay-to-relay, and relay-to-controller schemes. SEL's expertise is not limited to SEL products.

Arc-Flash Risk Assessment Services

SEL conducts flexible, customized arc-flash risk assessment services to mitigate arc-flash hazard risk, improve employee safety, and address OSHA regulations (29 CFR 1910) and the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E). SEL uses proven methods to calculate flash-protection boundaries and classify each area into proper personal protective equipment (PPE) categories, among many other services for providing a complete, cost-effective arc-flash solution for your facility.

  • Protect Employees and Improve Safety
  • Comply with Current Regulations
  • Identify Potential Hazards

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System Modeling

Improve power system performance in critical applications, validate relay performance, and optimize settings using model power system testing. 

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System Studies

SEL provides power system studies for small to large electric utilities, independent power producers, and industrial plants. SEL can help you better understand your power system, identify deficiencies, provide analysis and recommendations to improve performance, and comply with electrical standards and codes.

Testing and Commissioning Services

SEL fully tests the final implementation of every system. We offer factory acceptance testing and on-site commissioning services by highly qualified personnel to ensure your system works as specified and is properly integrated with your existing infrastructure. Hands-on-training for your staff is also available.