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Motor Protection

SEL understands how critical it is to provide continuous, reliable motor protection. That is why SEL offers industry-leading products with the most extensive warranty. SEL motor protection relays give customers a custom-fit motor protection system with easy installation for both retrofit and new applications.

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Advantages of SEL Motor Protection

  • SEL products lead the industry with the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) (over 300 years).
  • Ten-year warranty and best-in-class technical support.
  • Easy application covering most protection functions. Low base prices with optional motor protection application add-in cards.

SEL Fast Motor Bus Transfer

Preserve Process Reliability With Multifunction Bus Transfer

The Fast Motor Bus Transfer System includes all transfer modes (fast, in-phase, and residual) in one low-cost package. This package uses the SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Bay Control System, a complete standalone system that includes synchrophasors, 6 CT inputs, 6 PT inputs, 79 available I/O points, 250 lines of programmable protection logic running at 8 scans per power system cycle, and 1,000 lines of freeform SELogic control equations.

Fast Motor Bus Transfer One Line


Reduce Arc-Flash Hazards

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Reduce Arc-Flash Hazards

System Components


SEL-710-5 Motor Protection Relay

Protect asynchronous (induction) and synchronous motors with one SEL-710-5 Motor Protection Relay. New features include broken rotor bar detection and variable-frequency drive (VFD) support as well as options for arc-flash detection, differential protection, and synchronous motor protection. The synchronous option also includes, at no additional cost, a voltage divider accessory to interface with the motor excitation system. Together with the industry’s best AccuTrack Thermal Model, these new features combine to provide a great solution for all of your motor protection applications.


SEL-710 Motor Protection Relay

The SEL-710 features the industry’s most accurate motor protection together with settings, mounting, and communications options designed for easy application. The SEL-710 with the AccuTrack Thermal Model determines the longest safe starting time (no speed switch needed) and reduces the wait time between motor starts up to 33 percent. Choose from seven communications protocols, including Ethernet, Modbus, and IEC 61850 for fast integration into control systems.


SEL-849 Motor Management Relay

The SEL-849 offers current-, voltage-, and thermal-based motor protection; arc-flash detection; and power metering. It also provides all basic motor protection features, including protection for the following conditions:

  • Short circuit
  • Load loss
  • Load jam
  • Frequent starting
  • Imbalanced current
  • Phase reversal

The SEL-849 installs easily inside a motor control center (MCC). The optional SEL-3421 and SEL-3422 Motor Relay HMIs (human-machine interfaces) install on the front of the MCC.


SEL-749M Motor Relay

Get comprehensive motor protection and SEL-exclusive reporting and trending that save you money in your industrial motor plant and processes. The SEL-749M uses the latest enhancements in the SEL-patented thermal overload model to accurately track the heating effects of operating and cyclic overload currents. The relay offers all basic motor protection features, including short-circuit, load loss, load jam, and frequent-starting protection as well as imbalanced current and phase reversal protection. Add optional voltage, I/O, and communications capabilities to build the SEL-749M that is just right for your application.


SEL-701 Motor Protection Relay

The SEL-701 provides complete induction motor protection combined with innovative monitoring, reporting, metering, and control capabilities.


SEL-2600 RTD Module

Measure and transmit data from up to 12 RTDs and a single contact status located in transformers, breakers, motors, generators, or other system apparatus.