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Consulting Services

Electrical Engineering Consulting Services by Industry Experts

Consultation Services

SEL experts can help you understand your power system and identify the right solutions to improve system performance, reliability and efficiency. Services range from the conceptual phase of the project providing front end engineering design through project execution and commissioning.

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  • SEL experts can perform event investigation to find root cause of a problem and suggest corrective measures. Examples are power system frequency and voltage instability, protection misoperations, communication problems, and more.
  • SEL experts get your capital projects done on time, on budget with proven designs which reduce engineering rework.
  • SEL experts reduce your engineering design labor costs using SEL standard designs.
  • Your engineers learn from SEL experts with decades of project experience. SEL experts stay up to date with constantly changing technology.
  • Licensed SEL experts can be hired as expert witness.
  • SEL experts help you build a procurement strategy to minimize the cost of goods and services form SEL.
  • Learn how to create protection, controls, automation, communications, security, and protection systems with 100% SEL product content.
  • Learn from SEL experts how to improve the quality of your engineered systems by using robust quality controls to reduce errors in design, testing, and operation.
  • Augment your staff with temporary SEL staff during critical stages of a project.