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Design and Drafting Services

Design and Drafting Services Specializing in the Electrical Industry

Design and Drafting

With over 50 designers and drafters located around the world, SEL’s engineering services team provides local design and drafting services to our customers. Our staff offers full design packages that typically include AC and DC schematics, single-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, panel layout drawings, logic schematics, and communication and network drawings. We can also convert existing mylar, vellum, and paper drawings into electronic files. This allows for electronic file storage and reduces the amount of space required to store the old-style drawings.

The software we use for creating our drawings include AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, MicroStation and Substation. Over the years, our design team has developed large libraries of blocks, cells, tables and other useful tools to aid in our designs. These tools allow our designers and drafters to be more efficient and accurately produce high quality drawings.

SEL staff is accustomed to working with various design standards. Many of our national customers follow the IEEE or NEMA standards for symbols. International projects may require IEC or JIS. We can help customers design their own set of standards and offer advice on best design standard practices or we can work with already established design standards developed by our customers.

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Typical Design and Drafting Drawings

  • AC and DC Schematics
  • Single-Line Diagrams
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Panel Layout Drawings
  • Logic Schematics
  • Communication and Network Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Retrofit Drawings
  • Paper to Electronic File Conversion


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