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Design and Drafting Services

Design and Drafting Services Specializing in the Electrical Industry

Design and Drafting

SEL Engineering Services (ES) provides both civil and electrical engineering drawings packages. SEL drafting and design services engineers are located in offices around the world. Our design staff can provide full substation design packages, site retrofits for existing electrical gear, or detailed design drawings related to power system protection, automation, metering, and control.

The software we use for creating our drawings includes AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, MicroStation, and Substation. Our design team has developed large libraries of software tools to aid in our designs. These tools are used to speed up drawings, improve drawing consistency, and partially automate conversion of existing Mylar, vellum, and paper drawings into electronic files.

Our staff is accustomed to working with various design standards. Many of our national customers follow the IEEE or NEMA standards for symbols. International projects may require IEC or JIS. We can help you design your own set of standards and can offer advice on best design standard practices, or we can work with already established design standards developed by you.

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Key Offerings

  • Substation layouts and site plans
  • Civil substation design drawings
  • Demolition and removal designs
  • Electrical ac and dc schematics
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Protection, control, and metering diagrams
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Logic schematics
  • Communications architectures
  • Data flow diagrams (cybersecurity)
  • Shop drawings
  • Retrofit drawings
  • Paper to electronic file conversion


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