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    Transmission Planning

    Analysis and Design, Covering a Wide-Range of Scenarios

    Transmission Planning

    SEL offers transmission planning analysis and design services over a wide range of study scenarios from 69 kV to 525 kV. Using the GE PSLF software package and user written tools, SEL can perform WECC path rating studies, FERC generator interconnection studies, wires-to-wires interconnection studies, NERC compliance studies (MOD-026, MOD-027, PRC-006 and PRC-019), import/export studies, load serving studies and UFLS/UVLS studies. SEL will provide the customer with hard and electronic copies of all reports and models for future use. With over 30 years of experience, SEL can analyze and provide recommendations for a variety of customer planning and operating power system scenarios. 

    Software tools include:

    • GE PSLF and ProvisoHD-transient, post-transient, and voltage stability analysis
    • CAPE and ASPEN-breaker duty and relay coordination studies
    • EasyPower power flow and short-circuit analysis
    • SKM Power*Tools power flow analysis

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    Transmission Planning studies provide benefits to customers in the following situations:

    • Determine facility equipment/operating practices for reliably meeting existing and future customer load needs.
    • Identify facilities necessary for new generators while meeting FERC generator interconnection requirements.
    • Fulfill compliance requirements for NERC modeling and planning standards.
    • Perform transmission regulatory studies to meet State resource planning statutes.
    • Diagnose and analyze local and wide area power system disturbances and provide recommendations to customers.

    Southeast Power Study

    SEL provides WECC path rating (as seen below), TTC and transfer capability study services as part of its transmission planning services. Studies are performed at all voltage levels from 69 kV and above. In addition to cut-plane studies, SEL performs transmission service and export capability studies upon request. Import capability studies including RMR analysis is also available. SEL also can perform out-of-step studies, breaker duty studies, relay coordination for its customers and remedial action scheme design.


    Example Reports

    As part of any analysis or design effort, SEL can provide both transient and post-transient assessments for whatever the need. Transient stability analysis (left) includes but is not limited to model validation and NERC MOD-026 and -027 acceptance studies. Q-V and P-V analysis (right) post-transient analysis can be performed on any size customer system. Reactive margin studies and voltage and thermal overload studies can also be performed on HV to EHV systems.




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