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powerMAX Remedial Action Schemes for Utilities

Remedial Action Schemes for Wide-Area Monitoring, Control, and Integration.

PowerMAX-Remedial Action Schemes

SEL powerMAX RAS solutions for utilities operate transmission corridors at a higher capacity than ever before. Daily revenues are increased; in some cases, over 50 percent more power can be transmitted across existing transmission lines. This frees up billions of dollars of capital expenditure to enhance existing transmission lines instead of building new transmission lines. Distributed computing and communications create smart transmission grid management for adding renewable and distributed energy resources. SEL powerMAX RAS solutions are commonly used by utilities for wide-area monitoring, control, and integration of large wind power stations in transmission systems. 

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Key Offerings

  • Remedial Action Schemes/Special Protection Systems for Utilities
  • Wide-Area Systems Communication
  • Wide Area Volt/VAR Control
  • Synchrophasor Monitoring and Control
  • Fast decoupling solutions
  • System modeling and testing


Protecting a 500 kV System

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Protecting a 500 kV System

Example System Architecture Overview