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Generator and Microgrid Synchronizing Systems

Custom Solutions for Manual and Automatic Synchronization of Generation onto the Power System and Islands Back to the Grid


SEL Engineering Services can design and build conventional and advanced generator and microgrid synchronizing systems with automatic and manual synchronizing capability.

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  • Advanced Automatic Synchronizer using SEL-451
    A configuration and documentation disk can be purchased for configuring an SEL-451 as a single-function automatic synchronizer. This automatic synchronizer can be purchased as a pre-engineered solution that provides a fully featured conventional single-function synchronizer. Or, the user can contact SEL Engineering Services for a custom engineered configuration that meets the specific needs of the application.
  • Synchronizing panels and system for automatic and manual systems
    SEL Engineering Services has extensive experience with designing complete synchronizing systems and panels with automatic and/or manual, local and/or remote functionality.