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Introducing SEL Blueframe

Introducing SEL Blueframe

A secure, modern platform designed to meet the demands of operational technology (OT) environments

With a cyber-secure OS and specialized applications, SEL Blueframe provides a reliable software platform for utility and industrial systems. It features an intuitive interface, offering seamless data sharing across applications and easy configuration of automation tasks. The platform’s modular design offers the flexibility to choose from a growing library of Blueframe applications.

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Cybersecure Design

Blueframe utilizes a hardened, Linux-based OS designed to minimize the attack surface and simplify patch management. Signed and containerized applications are isolated by design to support system robustness, and secure application programming interfaces (APIs) enable efficient data sharing.

Modern, Easy-to-Use Interface

Blueframe’s app-based interface offers simple navigation and configuration of specialized tasks. Secure and convenient data sharing between applications means increased efficiency and reduced data entry errors.

Versatile Deployment Options

Blueframe can be deployed on rugged SEL computing platforms or virtualized on any server-grade hardware. SEL computing platforms are designed to perform in harsh operating conditions and offer a variety of hardware options for different form-factor and processing power needs.

Specialized OT Software

Data Management and Automation (DMA) Application Suite

Visit the DMA Product page
DMA Configuration Monitoring app icon

Configuration Monitoring

Gather resource configuration and property information on a custom schedule, utilize the archive tool to identify the status of in-service devices, and quickly detect unintended changes.

DMA Disturbance Monitoring app icon

Disturbance Monitoring

Collect resource oscillography and Sequence of Events (SOE) data on an automated schedule, and utilize the archive tool to view collected data and expedite fault evaluation.

DMA Credential Management app icon

Credential Management

Schedule automated password rotation through SEL security gateways. IED passwords are stored in a secure, private data store, and reporting tools support password audit requirements.

New Applications and Tools

Direct Resource Icon


Minimize customer outage time with our simple and scalable software solution for fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR). Streamline system configuration with an intuitive graphical interface in the Distribution Management System (DMS) Designer application.

Visit the FLISR page
Direct Resource Icon

Flow Controller

Optimize the configuration and management of SEL’s software-defined networking (SDN) solution for critical infrastructure. Achieve advanced situational awareness and improve the performance and reliability of OT networks.

Visit the Flow Controller Product Page
Direct Resource Icon

Direct Resource Access

Securely connect to individual field devices through permission-based access sessions with this Blueframe management tool. View device-specific data and settings, issue commands, download files, and more with a secure, remote engineering access interface.

Learn more about the new Blueframe application platform.

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