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SEL Microgrid Systems for Forward Operating Bases


Mobile forward operating bases require highly available power in expeditionary locations and through adverse events to maintain the effectiveness of operations. SEL tactical microgrid systems ensure reliable power for mission-critical operations by automatically adapting to system conditions.

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Key Offerings

  • Reduced fuel usage.
  • Soldier-friendly configuration.
  • Data Distribution Service (DDS) communications.
  • Compliance to MIL-STD-TMS (Department of Defense Tactical Microgrid Standard).
  • Risk management framework (RMF) compliance.
  • Conversion kits for Tactical Quiet Gensets (TQGs).
  • Interoperability with Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPSs).
  • Seamless photovoltaic (PV) and battery integration.
  • Remote monitoring and visualization.
  • Secure embedded and white-listed equipment.
  • Prevention of power outages after the destruction of any generator, cable, or load.
  • Health condition monitoring of generator.
  • Compatibility with all grid configurations (radial, ring, and ladder).
  • USA-designed and -manufactured solution.