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Automation Services

Customized Automation Services and Solutions for Your Electric Power System

Automation Services

SEL offers robust automation and integration solutions for your applications and is committed to leading with the best, most economical solutions. We offer technologies, products, systems, and services that address the entire application spectrum, from communicating with a single relay to integrating and automating the metering, control, reporting, and protection for a large system. In electrical substations, commercial sites, and generating, manufacturing, and processing plants, apply SEL microprocessor-based relays to protect the electrical system. Apply SEL networking, control, and communications solutions to integrate devices for data acquisition plus remote and local control.

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Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

SCADA systems use the real-time data provided by intelligent electronic devices on the system to monitor and control the power system. SEL-customized SCADA systems offer streamlined access to valuable information, improved reliability and performance, and expanded power system management capabilities. We can work with your existing protection and automation products, or we can assist with specifying, setting, and installing additional equipment needed for your system. To learn more about SCADA, contact SEL Engineering Services by emailing esinfo@selinc.com.

Grid Connection Control System

Simplify interconnection control for renewable generation sources using a pre-engineered library for the SEL RTAC family. The library contains pre-engineered function blocks for controlling the point of interconnection (POI) between the utility grid and a power generation source. It is designed to simplify interconnection control and solve common interconnection issues. Using this pre-engineered control system library helps get renewable projects online sooner than developing custom project-specific controls. To learn more about the Grid Connection Control System, contact SEL Engineering Services by emailing esinfo@selinc.com

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Replacement

Replacing legacy RTU systems is a way to minimize substation service interruptions and upgrade to a more modern cost-effective solution. SEL RTU replacement solutions improve your system’s reliability, reduce program development time, and simplify connectivity. Combining SEL Engineering Service’s expertise with substation-hardened devices, our solutions are economical, dependable, and easy to use. Let SEL Engineering Services help you design custom solutions to meet your needs. To learn more about RTU replacement, contact SEL Engineering Services by emailing esinfo@selinc.com.

DNA (Distribution Network Automation)

SEL DNA systems increase system operational efficiency and reduce operating costs to address increasing customer expectations for affordable and reliable electric service. SEL’s DNA technology combines fast protection with flexible automation and communications for a customized distribution automation solution that makes your system safer, more reliable, and more economical. These fast and efficient systems can automate all parts of the distribution grid. Use SEL Engineering Services to design and implement a complete DNA system that meets your specific requirements. 

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Event Monitoring, Collection, and Analysis

Event reports provide improved visibility into power system behavior during system disturbances. Our team can automate event report collection from intelligent electronic devices for performance, fault, and transient analysis. Other solutions can aid engineers in analyzing event reports to understand system behavior and determine the root cause of disturbances. SEL Engineering Services can help you design a solution for your system monitoring needs and assist you with event report analysis. For help with event monitoring, collection, and analysis solutions, contact SEL Engineering Services by emailing esinfo@selinc.com.

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