TST 107: SEL Transmission Substation Relay Testing

Course Length: 3 Days (PDHs: 23)
Course Based Fees: $1,500*
* Plus Applicable Tax


TST 107 covers skills required to enter settings, test, commission, and troubleshoot this class of SEL relays. Students will learn about specific transmission relay testing considerations and gain familiarity with the operating principles of each type of relay. They will also explore features of SEL relay technology to make appropriate choices when designing test routines.


This course is intended for relay technicians or protection engineers and system consultants with an interest in relay testing.


Day 1

  • SEL-400 Series SELogic Control Equations
  • Introduction to the SEL-411L
  • SEL-411L: 500 kV Example Transmission Line (includes a class exercise)
  • SEL-411L Overcurrent, Time-Overcurrent, and Directional Element Testing: Overcurrent and Directional (includes class exercises)
  • SEL-411L Distance Element Testing (includes a class exercise)
  • Data Capture and Event Reports
  • Enhanced Mirrored Bits Communications
  • 87L Functions in the SEL-411L Relay: Introduction

Day 2

  • SEL-411L Channel Requirements: Logic, Master, Slave, and Loss of Protection (includes a class exercise)
  • SEL-411L 87L Element Logic
  • Testing the SEL-411L: 87L Test Modes (includes a class exercise)
  • SEL-411L: Commissioning an 87L Relay System
  • SEL-411L Internal and External Faults Hands-On Exercises (optional)

Day 3

  • SEL-487E Relay Introduction
  • SEL-487E Metering Exercise
  • Introduction to Differential Testing
  • Single-Phase Testing of the SEL-487E Differential Element Without State Simulation (includes a class exercise)
  • Single-Phase Testing of the SEL-487E Restricted Earth Fault (REF) Element (includes a class exercise)
  • Commissioning Assistant (includes a class exercise)

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Establish a serial communications link with an SEL relay using HyperTerminal and SEL software.
  • Enter settings into an SEL relay.
  • Equate Relay Word bits and SELogic control equations to traditional relay element outputs and discrete contact logic.
  • Test, commission, and troubleshoot using metering, sequential events recording, and event reporting features of SEL relays.
  • Analyze information recorded by the relay using SEL software.
  • Calculate relay test points to verify response.
  • Understand differential relay concepts and determine appropriate test values.

Student Background and Knowledge

Before you attend this class, we recommend that you:

Course Preparation

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