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TST 101: SEL Relay Testing Basics

PDHs: 15

Course Base Fees: $1,000*
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Course Information

This is a two-day course.

Course Base Fees: $1,000 USD

TST 101 provides a beginner-level introduction to testing SEL relays. Students will learn basic relay testing skills; acquire skills required to work with SEL relays, such as using Relay Word bits and relay event reports; and practice acquired skills by working with a phase and ground distance (SEL-311C) relay during the training.


This course is intended for relay technicians or protection engineers and system consultants with an interest in relay testing.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Relay Testing
  • Introduction to SELogic Control Equations
  • Introduction to Symmetrical Components
  • Using acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software With the SEL-311C
  • Testing Aids and Tools
  • SEL-311C Transmission Protection System Overview 
  • SEL-5401 Relay Test System Software
  • Introduction to Overcurrent Relay Testing (includes a hands-on exercise)

Day 2

  • Negative-Sequence Impedance Directional Element Testing (includes a hands-on exercise)
  • Distance Relay Testing (includes a hands-on exercise)
  • Interpreting Event Report Data
  • Reference: Creating Multistate Tests
  • Appendix: Basic Relay Communications

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Establish a serial communications link with an SEL relay using SEL software.
  • Enter settings into an SEL relay.
  • Equate Relay Word bits and SELogic control equations to traditional relay element outputs and discrete contact logic.
  • Test, commission, and troubleshoot using metering, sequential events recording, and event reporting features of SEL relays.
  • Analyze information recorded by the relay using SEL software.
  • Calculate relay test points to verify responses.
  • Find information in the SEL relay instruction manuals.

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Course Preparation

Install or update the following software/files on the laptop you are bringing to class:

Please ensure that your laptop does not have any installation blocks before you come to class.

Additional information is on the Course Policies and FAQ pages.