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We all own Quality at SEL

SEL Quality

A Note From the Director of Quality

Adrian Genz

Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, our founder and president, taught the first SEL employees that they owned quality, and to this day we continue to do the same for each new employee. We affirm our commitment to quality by applying the disciplines set forth in our SEL Principles of Operation, our SEL Values, and World Class Manufacturing.

Our focus is to build quality and reliability into every design, test, and manufacturing process at SEL. Using the highest quality components to build our highest quality designs following our highest quality manufacturing processes, we fulfill our mission to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.

Should a product failure occur, we provide a ten-year warranty. We design our products to last more than 20 years, and we will do all that we can to repair any product return, whether it meets our ten-year warranty or not. We analyze the data from product returns to rapidly improve our products going forward. By asking ”Why?” five times, we strive to get to root cause of every problem and develop effective corrective actions.

Using this data, we can also calculate meaningful reliability metrics based directly on our customers’ experience. Regardless of the type of failure, we strive to best understand our customers’ experience through our reliability metrics. We share these reliability metrics with our customers upon request, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

SEL employs a Quality Management System that is certified to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 standard, Quality Management Systems Requirements. This certification demonstrates that our critical processes meet the exacting requirements of this internationally recognized standard.

We teach our employees that when they encounter a problem, their quality responsibility is to properly understand the problem to be solved. As creators of processes, products, and various services, we must create solutions effectively. Lastly, simplicity in all methods promotes dignity of work, reliability, and efficiency.

As we apply our “Understand. Create. Simplify.” quality policy, we invent the future of electric power.  

Adrian P. C. Genz
Director of Quality
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Quality at SEL

  • Worldwide ten-year warranty
  • Onsite A2LA Accredited Laboratory, Certificate Numbers: 3354.01 and 3354.02
  • Electronics manufactured in the USA
  • Product reliability calculated from field experiences, not predicted from models
  • Support centers close to our customers around the world
  • Free support for the life of every SEL product


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