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SEL Values



Our business requires continuous improvement of our performance.

  • Identify, measure, and improve our processes.
  • Work in a spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Recognize, offer, and accept criticism as an invaluable tool for improvement.
  • Seek simplicity.
  • Use the best available processes and tools.
  • Get to the root of every problem.

Customer Focus

We commit to offer customers unmatched value in our products and services.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Innovation
  • Delivery
  • Service


Society depends on us for the safe, reliable operation of electric power systems.

  • Manage resources, projects, and work wisely.
  • Commit and deliver.
  • Practice neatness, cleanliness, accuracy, and organization.


We communicate our needs and expectations efficiently, clearly, and respectfully.

  • Listen carefully to our internal and external customers.
  • Use whiteboards, charts, and graphs for visible and open communications.
  • Transmit and receive.
  • Ask for help, information, and understanding when in doubt.


We practice unquestionable ethics.

  • Make clear promises to customers and exceed their expectations.
  • Assume responsibility; be accountable.
  • Depersonalize problems to solve them.
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Understand that it is just as important to be a good customer as it is to be a good supplier.


We think, learn, and evaluate; creating is hard work!

  • Have ideas, share them, and work together to develop and evaluate ideas.
  • Be an inventor.
  • Ask "Why?" five times.
  • Expect, encourage, and enjoy change in the spirit of creativity and improvement.


We participate in the development of our community.

  • Be the best employer and employee possible.
  • Share your and our successes with others.
  • Be an asset to your community.


We recognize the Four Rs of working at SEL: Risks, Rights, Responsibilities, and Rewards.

  • Be professional at all times.
  • Share your expertise with others to help us all succeed.
  • Expand your knowledge into new areas.
  • See beyond today, and envision both the big picture and our future.

Dignity of Work

We appreciate the dignity of work as a significant part of our lives.

  • Appreciate, respect, and enjoy diversity of thought and opinion.
  • Achieve personal satisfaction from your creations and contributions.
  • Help others recognize, appreciate, and enjoy individual and team success.
  • Enjoy pursuing our purpose and vision.
  • Balance the interests of our customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers, and community.


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