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Our philosophy regarding many challenges at SEL is to start with first principles—the fundamentals—and take measured steps to ensure quality, consistency, and functionality.

First Principles to Finished Products

SEL engineers get to follow projects from the whiteboard to the shipping dock.

Built With Pride

SEL engineers design products to last for decades in harsh operating environments.


Small teams and open communication across company divisions let us all see our contribution to a project’s success.

Engineering at SEL

Engineers at SEL solve hard problems in many disciplines. We invent, design, and build digital products and systems that protect critical infrastructure around the world. That requires cybersecurity experts to protect digital systems from human threats and requires mechanical experts to protect sensitive equipment from environmental hazards. Software and firmware engineers create the software and logic that takes action in milliseconds or faster, while hardware engineers design the circuits that translate software into action.

We take pride in our mission to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical. SEL employees are given the tools and support to take ownership of their work, from concept to finished product. Onsite manufacturing and testing provide fast prototype turnaround and short feedback loops.

Hardware engineers at SEL design the circuits in devices that protect critical infrastructure worldwide. Our products protect three-phase power systems rated up to hundreds of kilovolts, and we would value your knowledge of circuits designed for microvolts. SEL hardware engineers are given the freedom to invent and improve devices to solve challenges in protecting critical infrastructure.

If designing devices with service lives measured in decades, reaction times measured in milliseconds, and strict performance requirements appeals to you, then we will help fill in the rest.

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