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Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs

Our philosophy regarding many challenges at SEL is to get back to the basics. We start with first principles—the fundamentals—and take measured steps to ensure quality, consistency, and functionality.


We Work With People Around the World

Our employees and customers worldwide invite a great diversity of perspectives and ways to work together to solve challenges.

We Are Innovators

Collectively, our engineers have over 900 patents. There is cross-collaboration not only within SEL but also on external projects. Many of our engineers write, publish, and present technical papers based on new technologies they’ve developed to share knowledge and add value to this industry.

We Value Critical Thinking and New Ideas

Some of our best innovations and processes have come from a spark that was given the freedom, tools, and support to flourish. If you have an idea to improve our processes, the customer experience, or industry technology, you’re encouraged to see that idea through.

What It’s Like to Work at SEL

Erin Jessup


Senior Engineering Manager, Manufacturing Operations

Erin manages the test and mechanical engineering software team in the manufacturing operations division. As a group, they are responsible for developing and maintaining all of the software programs that manufacturing uses for production.

I Enjoy the Collaborative Environment

“While my background is in electrical engineering with a focus in power engineering, one of the most important aspects of my job is communicating with other departments in manufacturing to make sure I understand their future projects, timelines, and what support they’ll need from the software team. I really enjoy playing a role in process improvement and being part of a world-class manufacturing organization.”

Developing New Technology

“In a previous position, I worked in research and development with a team of engineers to bring new and innovative technology to market. I was part of the development of our Time-Domain Link technology, a new point-to-point digital secondary solution that focuses on simplifying the testing, commissioning and maintenance of distributed protection systems. I got to lead a cross-divisional team that helped determine many of the core requirements for this technology. While it was a lot of hard work, I enjoyed learning from experts across the company and working with them to gain consensus on the features we should develop that would be most beneficial to our industry.”

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