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Empowering Customers Through Enduring Partnerships

Your partnership is our top priority.

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“You can’t automate ‘caring.’ Our customer service operators are caring, knowledgeable, and friendly human beings.”

—David Costello, SEL Chief Sales & Services Officer

When you work with SEL, you get more than our products or solutions—you get a partnership. That means support whenever you need us, with our goal to make you the expert of your power system. No matter the issue, we will be there until it’s resolved.

From mobile response teams and disaster discounts during times of tragedy to expedited deliveries and onsite technical help, we stand by you.

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“Tim didn’t drive to Mexico Beach to make money off a disaster. He came to help.”

—Marcus Mitchell, Gainesville Regional Utilities

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“I’m always greeted by a friendly voice and get the help I need. Call me old-fashioned, but real customer service requires real people.”

—Ken Dickerson, Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative

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