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Protection Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing

Closed-Loop Testing of Electric Power Protection Systems Since 2002

System Modeling

Improve power system performance in critical applications, validate protective relay performance, and optimize relay settings at our model power system testing laboratory. SEL will create a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) model of your power system, distributed energy resources (DERs), and loads. Protective relays are then physically wired to the RTDS to simulate realistic conditions. This system allows us to test over 1,000 fault cases in less than 24 hours. This level of testing provides the equivalent of many years of operating history.

Key Testing and Validation Offerings

  • Series compensation
  • Single-pole trip (SPT)
  • Communications-assisted schemes
  • Transformer inrush studies
  • Machine parameter estimation
  • Model power system validation
  • Transient response analysis
  • Phase-shifting transformer (PST) controller testing

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Thank you, SEL team, for the successful RTDS testing. It turned out better than expected, identifying and fixing several relay setting problems on four 500 kV lines faster than we anticipated.

Jeff Sams
Arizona Public Service Company