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Point of Common Coupling (PCC) Control Systems

Solutions for Islanding and Grid-Connected Operation of a Microgrid

Islanding and Synchronization Systems

Automatic separation systems detect an unstable or failing macrogrid and proactively island your microgrid power system to avoid blackouts. These systems identify and isolate dangerous open-circuit, shorted-circuit, and back-feed conditions. A seamless transition to island mode operation is possible when this system is used in conjunction with SEL microgrid control systems. Two variations of these systems are available: simplified controls using only SEL protective relays or, alternatively, pre-engineered library modules for the SEL Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) family.

The library modules for the RTAC family offer standardized interconnection controls for renewable generation sources. The library contains pre-engineered function blocks for controlling the PCC between the utility grid and a power generation source. It is designed to simplify interconnection control and solve common interconnection issues.

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Key Offerings

  • IEEE 1547 voltage and frequency ride-through compliance
  • Integration with protection relays
  • Automated generator and inverter interfaces
  • Proactive islanding
  • Dispatch controls
  • Demand response
  • Fault circuit and open-circuit isolation
  • RTAC libraries